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Meet the Daft Blogger

Hi there! My name is Seb and I’m an independent financial planner and blogger writing about finance, business, politics and entrepreneurship.

I try to keep things light-hearted but is anything but daft. I hope you’ll find the articles informative, inspirational, even life-changing. 

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How Exante’s demo account works

Exante is a leading brokerage firm that specialises in offering trading services on many different kinds of financial instruments and products, namely options, futures, equities, bonds, and precious metals, to

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What Exante offers

Exante is a leading broker that is quickly climbing the ranks in the financial sector and has seen many investors becoming interested in its offers and services. As a professional

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Invisible Inventory

Managing inventory effectively is a challenging task that many businesses struggle with. Although some factors may be similar across organizations, accurately predicting inventory demand can vary significantly depending on the

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Ways To Upgrade Warehouse Security

To guard against unauthorized access, commercial burglary, and internal theft, it’s recommended to employ multiple approaches, including advanced technology and trained security personnel. A comprehensive surveillance system can consist of

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Finance Planning Tips

Start off simple

If you’re aiming to get your finances in order a little preparation will go a long way, so, grab a pen and paper and just try the following.

Apps to get you started

Once you’ve worked out your financial goals, it’s time to organise how you’ll achieve them. There are plenty of great apps to help you get started. 

Here are some of my favourites.

" As I freelance taxi driver, I've found managing my accounts difficult. Your advice has shown me that doing little often makes the whole process so much easier. "
" Understanding the government guidelines for childcare has not only helped our business, it's also helped the parents of our local community who rely on us. Keep up the good work, Seb. "

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