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I’m passionate about finance and business and love writing about both subjects. So, if you’re like me and feel you’ve got something to say, why not contribute to by writing an article.

An article doesn’t have to be thousands of words long, as long as its informative, engaging and relevant to the site, I will be interesting in publishing it. All I ask is, that the content is your own and unique.

I’ve tried to answer some of the most common guest post questions on the right but feel free to drop me a message using the contact form above if there’s anything I’ve missed.

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Writing for my finance blog

You can write about anything related to finance, business and politics but here are few ideas.

  • money saving tips
  • pension schemes and planning for retirement
  • handling debt (particularly personal experiences)
  • family finances
  • managing wealth and ways to invest
  • changes to the law and how it impacts finances
  • tax and accountancy
  • technology and finance

No, not really but as a general rule of thumb, I would say most articles should have around 500 – 2000 words.

Yes, I don’t mind if links to other websites are included in the article but I do request that this is limited to two.

No, unfortunately I cannot allow links to gambling sites, pharma sites or sites with adult content. Gambling can be discussed within posts if it’s relevant e.g. debt management

I need to do a final check of all content before it’s published but you can expect it be live within 2-3 days.

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