How Level Set Attenuators Can Save Your Business Money

Manufacturers and repair shops will often refer to features like auto levelling, auto-dimming or auto repair as if they are common and essential features.

But for a lot of small businesses, these are fairly expensive features that they are rarely seeing in the options they see. In fact, for a lot of small businesses, their equipment is fine for the vast majority of daily use but will be overwhelmed by bright sunlight.

There are three different kinds of equipment attenuators. These include automatic attenuation to adjust levels for ambient lighting, as well as a more sophisticated and expensive version that automatically adjusts for lighting in certain locations.

Adaptive Lighting Adjustable Level Set Attenuator

One of the best equipment features that are often overlooked is adaptive lighting. This allows a lighting system to adjust automatically to bright sunlight as well as regulate all the other levels, such as daytime settings for a shop.

Because the equipment is automatically adjusted to whatever the lighting is at any given time, it can reduce power and maintenance costs. Even when a business has a set schedule for the lights, it can adjust settings for a continuous cycle, avoiding the need for regular maintenance.

In addition, the auto adjusters can add value by letting customers adjust settings with a remote controller.

Automotive Attenuators

Another inexpensive and very useful feature is an auto attenuation kit. This is often associated with automotive equipment, like cars, but equipment can use it, too.

The auto attenuators come in two types: attenuation for automobile lighting and auto adjustment for auto repair. Both use interchangeable linear actuators, which are light, durable, easy to use, and reliable. When auto repair works well, auto adjustment can eliminate the need for multiple manual adjustments.

Replaceable Linear Actuators

Some equipment manufacturers like Custom Microwave use high-end linear actuators. But linear actuators are fairly expensive, and when auto or auto repair isn’t used frequently, they can be difficult to replace if they fail. Even though auto repair won’t be frequently used, it can still work well enough for auto repair.

The auto adjustment works for automotive, automotive repair, auto lighting and auto repair. It comes with various levels of sensitivity, and each level includes features, such as resistive sensing for auto repairing and automatic daylight readout. The auto adjustment kit includes over 180 actuators with over 3,000 adjustments, and it comes with a range of software for auto-adjusting and auto levelling.

Take a Long Look at High-End Equipment Attenuators

As equipment attensers get cheaper, they also get less advanced. However, they still have plenty of valuable features for almost any type of equipment, including auto lighting, auto repair and auto control. The auto attensers in auto lighting and auto repair are probably the most popular, but both offer similar features.

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