How to Start an Eco-Friendly Bag Brand the Right Way

Starting a brand is a popular option, nowadays. It’s a slight risk if you don’t do your research first and plan ahead, but it’s also an amazing opportunity that will allow you to enter the business world, minimize your production requirements, and start to carve your own path in life.

However, you need a product that is easily accessible, high quality, and capable of being branded easily. That’s where wholesale jute bags come in. We’re going to go over some helpful tips to help you craft your own eco-friendly bag brand using wholesale bags, simple production methods, and low overhead requirements.

Let’s get started.

1: Buy Wholesale from Cotton Bag Co

First and foremost, you need to leverage wholesale products if you’re going to succeed. You have to buy them in bulk, but you get each bag for a far cheaper price than you would by purchasing them individually.

This is key, because it allows you to make minimal adjustments to the product and still sell it at a profit while keeping your prices consumer friendly. That’s the whole point of wholesale products; giving brands options that are accessible to consumers with low manufacturing costs.

2: Streamline Branding

You can’t just perform a bit of retail arbitrage and expect to make a generous profit from this method, though. You do have to put some of your own work in, and that’s easiest to do in the form of branding. This is when you simply build up your own brand, slap your own graphics on the wholesale product, and sell it as your own.

The trick to this is ensuring that the steps you’re taking don’t inflate the costs so much that you’re no longer making a profit.

If you’re doing this on a small scale as a side business, setting up a proper printing system in your home is perfectly fine. Just be prepared to build an expert level of knowledge with printing, and then set aside the time necessary to brand each item.

There are printing services that can do this for you on a larger scale, but those might drive up your costs. If you’re doing this on a large scale as a full-time business, Cotton Bag Co offers in-house printing services that still keep your prices low.

3: Minimize Overhead

Thanks to the internet, this is probably the easiest part of the whole operation. Setting up your own online store can be done in as little as an hour with the right service, and then all you have to do is settle on a shipping service and handle your marketing needs.

Practically every step besides shipping the product can be done online. You can leverage social media ads in your favor, start marketing and email campaigns through your site, and even start an SEO blog that markets your bags and generates web traffic.


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